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03 November 2020 @ 10:46 pm

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[02] Procrastinator at times because of the messy life she has.
[03] She is a hardcore fangirl. Are you?
[04] Her life revolves around thee PRINCESS HEECHUL and JANG PRINCE.
[05] Dreams big.
[06] Photoshop is her way of relieving stress and problems in life.
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03 January 2009 @ 06:03 pm
Ok so I don''t actually know why I'm writing this post in the 1st place and I know it's 3 days late already XDDD I haven't been in LJ for the past months? XDDD hahahha. I've been busy, that I don't have time updating my online journals. Anyways. These are just simple THANK YOU's for all those people who were with me for these past 12 months. I have nothing to give since I'm really broke right now -____- *blames fangirlism* XD Anyways moving on. If you're not in here, probably we rarely talk to each other or worse, not at all XDDD But if you think you know me, even if it's only the fact that I'm  in love with VIOLET, then leave a comment and I'll surely give you a message ^^;

Ok starting. Let's start from the people who I've been with recently. SJUPH CORE. hahaha.

donnahae ; thanks for always being there. You were the best thing that happened to me. Without you, I dunno. I wouldn't have lasted this long in the fangirling world. You're the best. And I sincerely love you. Thanks so much for the love and friendship. <3

ohreeree ; my ever dear kafatz. Thank you for being there in the lowest point of my life. You were always there when I needed someone to talk to. Whenever I'm feeling lonely and when I feel that the whole world is against me, you'll always be there to cheer me up. We may had misunderstandings, but I know we can pull it off. We're sisters right? (: Thanks very much.

hugfreehyukjae ; yah! hahahahaha. You're the best in everything XDDD Specially graphic designing. I'm so happy I got the chance to be friends with you. Thanks also for taking time to talk to me on ym XDDD Eventhough, I may be a bother at times, still, you talk to me hahaha. And lolololol ~ we always have the most random topics. haha. Thanks dear ~ and may hyukjae be always with you XD

nookie21 ; my own version of seungri (: hahaha. I never thought that we could be this close. Like seriously. You once said to me, you're scared of me. And I wondered why D: hahahha. But I'm glad we're what we are now. I hope our friendship lasts for another year, and the year after, and the year after the after XDDD hahaha. Thanks calvin for your patience with me. I promise I'll learn to cover the camera lens well next time :DDD

grapegump ; my other half XD *when it comes to siwon and heechul hahaha. The Siwon Chocolate Abs day was one of the best days of my life. Because that's the day when I got to meet you face to face. So many things happened already, and still, here we are. Strong enough to remain friends. I promise, when I go to Davao again, I'll be meeting you. Thanks for the friendship jenn, and I love you <3

lucid_acolyte ; hahahaha! one of the BEST persons i've met XDDD The one who made me realize that hanchul does exist XD Thanks for being such a mood maker haha. I'll never forget the day when we went to your place. Such a memorable one. You'll always be a friend i'll always keep :3 more power to you and hangeng XDDDD

ilabhae ; the ever cool kafatz 2. hahaha. Thanks for coming into the JC-ers lives. For real. I wish we have more and more happy and bonding days to come. Let's start 2009 with a blast of your stories from hongkong XDDD hahha. I love you Ate Chai and thanks for everything ~

sassydork ; the loving wife of my dad *lol its sungmin not henry* XDD It's been years already since we became friends and I still remember when you were still caling me unnie. LIKE WTF XDDD And now, hahahhaha. Just plain EKAH. pwahahaha. Many things happened, many people came and go, but you're still here. Never left. And I know you'll never will. You may not feel it, but you're 1 of the most important persons in my life. I'll always treasure the friendship we have. And I miss you so much D: I hope you return from Hog Kong soon. mwaaah <3

evile1690 ; we're not that close but I'm glad I got the time to bond with you in the JG (: It was such a memorable moment for me. At the registration area XDD hahaha. I hope this year, we would have more bonding moments ^^; take care always ~

geureiseu ; i seriously don't know if you have an LJ acct ><! [Thanks myka for the link XDD] I just wanted to say thanks for the friendship. We had a really great bonding moment in the JG and I'm happy with it ~ thanks also for introducing to me the 'heechul' of the JG XDDD I hope more bonding moments would happen betweeen us as well this year <3

kahel16 ; i haven't seen you personally x___x And I so wanted to see you. Eventhough, we just talk thru GM's and YM, I know, you're a really great person inside and out. That's why I'm looking forward to see you if given the chance. I'll be MYKAPH's head XDDD hahaha. Take care always :DDD

eijii ; my ever sweet santa last JG (: I really appreciate the gift. Very much ^^; Thanks for it ~ thanks also for being with us in the JG. I know you're busy, yet you still gave the time. We all love you. And sungmin loves you very much ^^; I hope we get to spend some time together this 2009 <3

Ok that's it for the core. Now to some of my SJPHILS FAMILY.

kat/my labs ; dear ~ it's been so long and you still remain as one of my friends. I'm so glad we get to talk o each other eventhough we're in 2 different places in the country. Thank you for always cheering me up with your messages. They mean a lot to me. And I hope to see you too when I get the chance to visit Davao again ^^; I love you very much <3

sakuya ; ooooh ~ the one who calls me SEOKAHCHULHYUN. I miss that D: You're one of the first persons who I got close with. Thanks for the friendship given the past year. I hope nothing will change in 2009, we'd still remain friends. I miss talking with you and spazzing as well. I MISS YOU. Take care and do sms me okay? (:

yayoh/partner ; MY PARTNER! I MISS YOU SO MUCH! T___T I haven't seen you in ages, and I do miss the time when we get to spazz all day about heechul. Thank you for the times you were there to comfort me when it seems that  I don't have anyone to turn to. You were such a special person to me. You're the only person whom I'm willing to share Heechul XD hahaha. Heenim misses you my dear just like I do. Do well in school and I know you'll be graduating soon ~ good luck and thanks for everything. I love you.

angel ; chonsaaaaaa ~ the ever great mood maker. I miss the laughing moments we had. You never get to bond with us anymore D: You must be busy. I hope we get to chat again sometime. I still remember that time in starbucks. One of the memorable moments I had. Take care always and I miss you <3333

justin ; my own personal brand of heechul XDD hahahaha. Bonding moments with you was one of the best memories i'll always cherish. Thanks for everything. Though we never really see each other lately XD I promise one day, I'll be ging to your house. And I bet it's super big XDDD Miss you kiddo ~

Moving on. Here's now for my SJFullhouse Family. I SO MISS YOU ALL ~

shelley_se  ; my dear shelley bunny. do you know how much ekah loves you? You're like a little sister to me. Always finding time to PM me and ask me if i'm doing okay. Seriously. You're one of the people I wish to meet when I'm given the chance. Thanks for always being there, maybe not physically, I know, your heart will always be with me <3 I love you bunny ~

ikuyanok  ; ally ~ one of the best people in SJFH. Seriously girl, I haven't felt you presence in SJFH for so long. I miss our random CRACKs in the forum. I hope you're doing well and thanks so much for the friendship. Feel free to talk to me on MSN again if you have the time (: i love you dear ~

yeonb1  ; the oh so great nora whom i began to love at the 1st place. I've read your recent entry and I do miss you. I will miss you now that you're away from SJFH ~ many things happened and those are things we cannot avoid. You may not be present in SJFH anymore, but you'll always be in my heart. Thank you for the friendship and I seriously miss you <3

yanasot  ; my one and only yana banana who became my 1st ever online bff <3 I miss you girl. You don't know how much. I miss the times when we would like talk to each other in msn till morning. hahha. Thanks for being with me in some f the lowest points of my life, specially when I had that accident. Thank you for being such a great person. In and out. God will always bless you and do remember that i'm always here for you (: iloveyou.

this_polaroid  ; huong huong huong ~ i haven't talked to you in ages and I feel so bad about it. I hope you haven't forgotten about me. I miss you. I do. I hope you'll always be safe from any danger. Thank you for being such a great friend when I was in SJFH. Missin'  you and I hope this 2009, we'll get to talk to each other again <3 i love you gangstah huong ~

choisiwon  ; olgaaaaa ~ one of my precious friends in SJFH (: I still remember that time when you PM-ed me and ask me how i'm doing. That was really touching. You gave time to PM me when I felt that I'm forgotten already in SJFH. I miss you. And thanks so much for the friendship ^^; I'll always treasure it. And I miss seeing your beautiful face <3 Take care always ~

nerked  ; twin liyy! i miss you D: i don't know when was the last time we got to talk, but all I remember, It was eons and eons ago. I hope you're doing fine. I don't get to see you on SJFH anymore. You must be busy ~ Thanks for everything. For being such a great twin and friend. I still have the letter and heenim stickers you gave me for my bday <3 And I'll cherish that forever ~ I miss you and i love you twinnie.

rasinah  ; the ever so sweet June. I miss you unnie so much. VERY VERY much. I miss reading your great fanfics. And I miss your presence in SJFH. I'll always pray for your safety and may god bless you always in everything you do. Thanks for being one of the unnies I trust a lot. *kisses*

loveslipped  ; brihae ~ i miss you. I hope I get to talk to you again. I so miss your smile. I hope 2009 will be a great year for you. Thanks for all the friendship. You were one of the 1st people who became my friends in SJFH and I'm so thankful of that. Thank you and i hope to meet you personally one day ^^; <333

alwaysthirteen  ; the oh so great jasmiinnniiieeeothhherhhhalf. gah. Where are you lady? ><! I miss you. And add me XDDD hahaha. I've been waiting for it for ages. rofl. I don't get on myspace recently coz something happened. I forgot my password D: So I hope we do keep in touch here in LJ ~ love you darling <3

Christy ;
the BFF whom I think Phil. Post Office hates a lot T____T I don't know why my letters don't get to you. I'll make sure this time you'll get it. Coz I'll be asking my cousin who'll go to US on Feb. to personally give it to you. I have so many letters here for you already. I LOVE YOU. WITH ALL MY HEART. You're one of the best things that came and happened to me. I hope, we'll get to see each other one day. And when that day comes, I'll hug you till your bones break XD I love you and I miss you ~ MYSPACE is sh*tty with me. I forgot my password. I can't open it anymore ): <3333

i miss talking with you people. Some, I still get in touch with in SJFH, but the others T____T i miss spazzing with each and everyone of you. I hope this 2009, things would be different. Thank you for everything. For all the friendship. I'll always remember how you people touched my heart. Every single piece of it. If I get the chance, I would want to meet you all <33 Thanks again dears ~

to the other SPECIAL PEOPLE (:

anepotter  ; the girl whom i'm obviously crazy about XDDDD hahaha. I love you XD for all the shichul goodies you gave me. rofl. I miss talking to you. reallly ~ gaaaah. Thanks for everything specially for the friendship (: One day, like you, I'll get to see Heechul face to face as well XD hahaha. Miss you and love you <3

yumi ; another one of the greatest persons I ever met. I may not met you physically yet, but that day will come really soon I know. Thanks for everything and for being such a great person. You always make me smile with your comments ^^; gaaaah ~ i miss myspace T____T i hope I remember my password soon. I miss ranting and spazzing with you ~ ampf. love you <3

If ever I forgot someone, do comment and say. YAH! YOU FORGOT ME EKAH! :DDD

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the tune of: Into the New World - SNSD
05 November 2008 @ 12:05 am
I don't really know anything about LJ so bear with me XD I wanna thank DONNA for making this new LJ for me. I don't know anything about LJ so uhm, i'll try my best not to bring harm to anyone? -____-

yes. so that's about it for now?
THANKS DONNAHAE for the wonderful banner <3

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